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            SeaSnax is Strangely Addictive!  The Healthy Alternative to Chips


What’s SeaSnax?

So what is SeaSnax?  It’s nutrient-packed seaweed that is lightly roasted with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.  This “Vegetable of the Sea” is all natural with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

SeaSnax is a roasted seaweed snack which is vegan and gluten free and made using 100% olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt — just three all natural ingredients!  There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Give it a try but don’t blame us if you get hooked on SeaSnax — it’s strangely addictive.

What are the health benefits of seaweed?

¨ Seaweed is an excellent source of essential minerals and vitamins:

  • vitamin B5 – supports healthy cholesterol and joints
  • vitamin B12 – helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells
  • magnesium and iron – supports blood sugar and heart health
  • riboflavin and niacin – promotes fast tissue repair

¨ Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low in calories and one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom as they have ready access to the abundant minerals found in the ocean. Nourishment is acquired across the sea vegetable’s entire surface through the gentle wave action of underwater currents.

¨ In Eastern Medicine, seaweed is used to dissolve cholesterol and draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body.

¨ For centuries new mothers in Korea are replenished and nourished with seaweed soup to assist them in their postpartum recovery and rejuvenation.

Discover one of the world’s richest sources of nutrition & health!

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Free Shipping                                                                     SeaSnax (Classic or Toasty Onion) Price $60.00/ Case Qty/case16 each $3.75




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