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magine fresh, boneless breasts of pure, all white meat chicken hand-sliced to perfection... then smothered in savory, rich homemade sauces and dressings made from only the best mayonnaise. Now top this homestyle cuisine with a variety of freshly hand-cut, hand-tossed and hand-mixed vegetables to create a divine Gourmet Boutique Chicken Salad. And with absolutely no fillers, it doesn't get any better than this.

We guarantee fresh and all natural value in each of our salads that will not only taste good, but also look great in your deli case.

Our master chefs can create any delightful dish through Gourmet Boutique's Proprietary Recipe Development Program to further improve your profitability. Call Mike or Susan today at (646) 541-5699 or (917) 535-1772 to enjoy the worlds' most mouthwatering Chicken Salads... Naturally.




         A Variety of Taste... Too Tempting to resist. Chicken Salads



Always in Good Taste...Naturally
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